Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Proposals for a Photo Essay

I would like instead to submit proposals for several because while I would love to do some of these, you may not be so willing to grade some of them.
 I will keep them brief and in order of what I would like to do the most at the beginning.

First proposal: A collection of pictures of art in the form of video games. These are not just fun, or good looking games. These are not well known games that really capture a meaning or a feeling and usually leave the player in a state of comatose introspection by the end because of how powerful they are. I think this could be for anyone to read and gamers alike since it is a very... focused analysis of games even experienced gamers wouldn't necessarily be familiar with and most of the titles require no knowledge prior to understand the message. I'm thinking the context would be more of a "10 games you have to play" if I had to create a clickbait title for it. Really would be interesting.

Second proposal: A virtual reality life. I'm pretty skilled at photoshop and would love to take pictures of ordinary life and maybe augment them for a glimpse at the future. With new technology coming out (I could even go over some of them) I could really portray some cool things that will soon be a reality. I would probably write it for people who are yet unfamiliar with emerging technologies so I would keep the jargon low and the wonder high. "The future of your day" would be a cool title.

Third proposal: "We eat here". This is boring and mundane but it would be one of the few things I would be able to get real pictures for easily. Basically just gross eating conditions in the places we eat arranged in an alarmist kind of way. I would rather not do this one but it is there because my other two proposals are a bit farther from "reality".

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