Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I think about blogs

I think blogs are a good creative outlet and a way to chronical your life in a way that lets you express yourself without largely exposing yourself. It can serve as a way to relieve the stress of the daily life for both you and your readers and share sage advice between the lives of others in an easy way. The really interesting part about it is that anyone can blog but not everyone does. Every person has the ability to start a personal blog and write about their life but categorizing people into bloggers and non-bloggers would mix-up people from both categories and collect those that don’t fit too cleanly into either. What I mean to say is that there is really no type of person who blogs, just a person that happens to blog as a tool to continue the experience they have of their life.

I don’t think I need to start another blog. I have already started several before and found it is not something I can afford to or need to spend time on. I believe I’ve had the full range of experience with them as well from being a member of a technical blog that publishes and aggregates projects to writing a more diary style personal blog where I can share what I think is particularly funny or interesting or meaningful. I don’t think blogs have any use for me anymore though. With the evolution of technology and the growth of anonymous and semi-anonymous social media sites, a blog is just a lot of effort for less reward in my situation. If I’m publishing something that people would regularly come to me for, I can release it instantly to everyone using aggregate sites and the like instead of hoping a select few loyal blog viewers share it with their friends.

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