Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Photo Essay Reflection

For this project I set out to create an extremely casual representation of what it would be like to live in a world with some sort of ocular augmented reality. The goals for this were to really capture the “magical being mundane” moment that comes with complete acceptance of wonderful technology. There was a drawback however, I didn’t want to be spending 10 hours a photo in photoshop taking it from augmented reality to altered reality. There were to be no crazy 3D remappings of the world but instead I wanted a more subtle approach. I think I accomplished this.

My essay follows the story of an extremely average Tuesday morning where the plucky, young protagonist decides to make himself some breakfast taquitos but discovers he’s run out of sour cream. Throughout the entire process you get glimpses of user interfaces and heads up displays that give tiny bits of information about the level of integration we can hope to expect in the future of augmented reality.

I chose not to make a traditional style PowerPoint with multiple pictures because I wanted my pictures to each tell their own story. I want my picture to say a thousand words, I don’t need it to say 995 and 5 on the side of the PowerPoint. If I had had more time with this I would have liked to do something a little more in depth. Maybe actually spend those 10 hours per photo, creating something truly magical you can step into.